Class: Wyvern
Appearance: Scaled monsters with two wings or fins and two legs, with some exceptions. There are Wyverns in very different forms.
Measures: Smallest known Wyvern: Delex with about 405,8cm, although others can be smaller than Delex, like the Dwarf Qurupeco 303,91cm and the Dwarf Deviljho or Dwarfjho with a minimal size of 102,44, but both can get bigger than Delex.

Largest known Wyvern: Ukanlos with about 4.600cm, but if included the supposed Leviathans Jhen Mohran and Ceadeus, labeled as Elder Dragons though, Jhen Mohran is with about 11161,9cm followed by Ceadeus with about 5837,2cm.

Distribution: worldwide
Habitat: Almost all known biotopes
Abilities: Very different, even between the subspecies
Orders Flying Wyvern, Bird Wyvern, Piscine Wyvern, Brute Wyvern, Leviathan, Fanged Wyvern