MH3 Argosy
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Population: Unknown
Features: Pointed ears and talon like feet
Height: 3 1/2 to 30ft
Lifespan 200 years(?)
Culture: Highly skilled and intelligent 
Notable Resources: Unknown
Technical Abilities: Anything from cooking to blacksmithing

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Who are the Wyverians?Edit

The Wyverians (or the Dragon Tribe) are a highly intelligent people group and well known for their skill in workmanship, trading, hunting, and wisdom. Many live in the Wyverian Hub but often are seen as Guild receptionists, village chiefs, hunters, master chefs, and their most famous skill, blacksmiths. They are highly skilled and are often known world wide as masters of all skills. Some Wyverians are seen in the most hostile environments where many hunters fear to tread, expanding the knowledge of flora and fauna, creating new maps of unexplored land, and gathering rare materials and monster parts.


The Veggie Elder

Looks and AppearancesEdit

Wyverians look like normal humans except for their unusually shaped feet which the walk on the toes of and their pointed ears which are lower on their head than humans ears. The majority seen are very short and old suggesting that they live very long lives and may even live up to 200 years of age. The weapon of choice appears to be a long sword but are skilled at all weapons. Many Wyverians are guild masters and chiefs of villages meaning that they may have been once strong hunters and are often giving advice to new hunters.

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