Theory:Hunting Horn Development
Author Name Master Ceadeus 27
Theory Name: Hunting Horn Development
Topic: Weapon Development
Subject: Hunting Horns

Hunting Horns are somewhat large blunt weapons that produce sound and melodies, depending on the attacks performed. I have a theory about how they came to be.

First off, the Hunting Light Hammer. These were special hammers that resembled a sledge, more or less, with a small tip and somewhat thick handle. Before becoming Hunting Weapons, they were regular mining equipment, used to blast rock from walls and chisel through stone. Soon, a miner's hunter son saw his father's equipment one day and requested his own. The father, thinking his son interested in mining, bought him one.

The son replaced the cast iron head with something much different; he smelted it and made it much more flat, and then began to shape a tube. This tube would be made from the thick handle; the thick handle was replaced by a cast steel tube, just wide enough to accomodate some padding and a tube inside. In the wood, a reed was placed, allowing basic tunes to be performed.

Thus was born the first hunting horn. It wasn't as heavy as our modern ones.

However, the son was not pleased. He soon did more research, and changed the inner tube to a steel one like the outer tube. He also added to the head, connecting not only four different-girth tubes to a bag but also connecting some rods to them, allowing them to be shut off. Finally, the modern Metal Bagpipe Hunting Horn was created.