Theory:Barioth's Tornados
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Author Name Democide
Theory Name: Barioth's Tornados
Topic: Barioth
Subject: Monster

It's commonly known that Barioth uses tornados to attack enemies and hunters and protect themselves. But how do they create those tornados? And what's the difference between the subspecies?

I think, the Common Barioth exerts a high pressure to the air and fluid that is still colder than the environment even under pressure out of its frost sacs it uses for the attack. This pressure forces this mixture to rotate in an orb that it spits out. When it hits the ground it cannot rotate properly anymore and the orb tears open. Because it's colder than the outside, it cannot rotate vertically, the pressure starts to create a horizontally circulating wind growing upwards building the tornado we see. As the temperature different isn't big the tornado abates very quickly.

Unlike the Common Barioth Barioth Subspecies has no sacs anymore but the sacs fused with the lungs to get an even bigger air organ. So it can create a stronger wind. The tornados are still colder than the environment because at the desert's day the temperature rises much higher than the temperature of the body of the Flying Wyvern. The temperature difference is much bigger than with his relative and the wind pressure is higher what makes the tornado last longer.

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