Stygian Zinogre
Stygian Zinogre
Class: Wyvern
Order: Fanged Wyvern
Family: Thunder Fanged Wyvern
Genus: Denticulpis
Species: Tonitruum
Subspecies: Tonitruum
Scientific Name: Denticulpis Tonitruum Tonitruum
Appearance: Bulky wyverns with a black body and white fur and patches on its body.Their tails are long and powerful,and they have white hair covering their back and limbs,that are very strong and have blade-like claws.The face is very vulpine and has two pointy horns.
Measures: 1887.000_1397.18
Distribution: Mostly seen in Volcanic areas but it has also been seen in Frozen,Forested,and some mountain areas.
Habitat: Volcano,Underground Volcano,Sunken Hollow,Tundra,Frozen Seaway,Heavenly Mountain,and Unknown Great Forest
Diet: Carnivore,main prey are Rhenoplos,Bullfango/Bulldrome,Kelbi,Slagoth,Popo,Anteka
Social Structure: Solitary,when a mate is found the "pup"is raised by both parents,when old enough to go on its own the parents also go their separate ways.Stygian Zinogers sometimes form pairs to hunt prey or to stop monsters that are much larger then themselves.
Sexual Maturity: Females at 8.Males at 10
Mating Season: Spring
Gestation: 7 months
Number of Offspring per Birth: 2 or 3
Hatching Time: Viviparous
Size at birth: 1.6_2.4 m
Lifespan: ?
Abilities: It uses dracophage bugs to grant it dragon abilities.
Other Subspecies Zinogre

Stygian Zinogre is a Fanged Wyvern .It lives in frozen,volcanic,and some forest and mountain areas.