Sea Folk
Moga Elder
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Population: ?
Features: Tanned skin, crest on their arms.
Height: ?
Lifespan ?
Culture: Ceadeus being a sea god. 
Notable Resources: Fishing, hunting.
Technical Abilities: Sailing.

The Sea Folk are a race of people found in Moga Village and presumably other places. They have a different shade of skin and a crest on their arms, unlike most "Humans" found elsewhere. They are similar to the Wyverians in the fact that they live very skilled and important lives aiding cities or small villages and crafting or hunting.

Legends of OriginEdit

The highest amount of settled Sea Folk are presumably found in Moga Village. This can be assumed the home base of this race. It can be assumed also that many legends of the sea, such as Ceadeus being a god and the sea being the source of all life, are from the Sea Folk. The fact that Moga Village is closely related to this place is a support of this.

Ceadeus, Sea GodEdit

This is one of the common and most recognized legends of Moga. Supposedly, Ceadeus is an ancient god of the sea that represents life and strength, and the song representing this being is in fact the Song of Life. This song is presumably written by them as well, to represent the sea, life, and Ceadeus.

Fishing LoreEdit

These people have thousands of skills in fishing and monster hunting, similar to the Wyverians. However, they also have many legends about the fish and conserving them, being a very land-oriented people.


These people have a very tanned skin, being outside almost constantly. They also have barely visible crests on their skin, though the specific shape isn't known. These people are also well muscled, and tend to be both agile and strong.