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Welcome to the Monster Hunter Theory Wiki

This Wiki was created to fathom the ecosystems and culture of the Monster Hunter world. Members think out theories on certain things to let the world of the video game series "Monster Hunter" seem even more real. If you need help creating a page, go here.

Important Disclaimer:

Official Monster Hunter series characters (such as monsters, weapons, armors, in-game NPC characters), Icons, and logos used in this Wiki are licensed to and owned by Capcom Co., Ltd.

All things seen on this wiki are merely plausible explanations thought of by the community and should not be considered canon.


You have questions about the Monster Hunter world? Like how the Agnaktor can adhere the lava rock on his body? Or why the Barroth Subspecies has a bigger scalp than the Common Barroth? Here you can ask them!

What's New on Monster Hunter Theory

  • December 2, 2012: This wiki is Officially open!

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