Moga Village
Moga Village
Location: Moga Region
Area: About 12
Village surroundings: Partly aquatic, populated
Located Near: Deserted Island (Moga Woods)
Type of Culture: Rural, small population, locals resort to hunting, fishing and farming
Population: 100-200 inhabitants
Notable Resources: Abundant fish
Peoples' Heritage: Mogan, Wyverian, Felyne, Shakalaka
Architecture: Small wooden houses built on a deck made of timber.
Forms of Transport: Ships
Important Mentions: Argosy contract
Events to Note: Frequent monster attacks, occasional arrival of Argosy trade ship, recently assaulted by a Ceadeus

Moga Village is an extremely small settlement located on the Deserted Island. Although having a small population, this village is resilient and has been proven to stand successfully against disasters of varying magnitude.

This location is a rural settlement, with the inhabitants resorting to hunting, fishing, farming, and other ways to provide themselves with sustenance. Also the inhabitants of Moga trade with the Argosy crew.


Moga Village is the namesake of the region it is located in. It can be found near the hunting ground often called the Deserted Island although Moga Woods often gets used as a synonym of it. An additional point to note is the presence of the Mountain Peaks area to the east of this region.

The village, as well as the locations mentioned above, is found on Moga Island, the largest island in the region and possibly the known world.


Moga Village is set in a temperate climate and is built literally on top of the sea. A network of bridges connect the village to the island near it.

Due to the aforementioned temperate climate, the sea near Moga Island does not see very numerous storms. This is good for the inhabitants of Moga Village, as a severe hurricane or undersea earthquake would most likely obliterate the village itself.


Not many wild creatures can venture into Moga Village. Anything larger than a human would run the risk of plunging through the frail wooden bridges and into the ocean if it tried to cross them. As for airborne creatures, it is thought that they do not bother Moga Village simply because there are no large animals for them to prey on.

Due to the oceanic environment Moga Village rests on, the only signs of plant life are the wooden planks the village is made entirely up out of. However, a farm on the mainland produces any kind of edible or medicinal plant the villagers would ever need.

When journeying into Moga Woods, the inhabitants must be aware of the kinds of monsters they will occasionally encounter. Although the monster species generally remain the same, certain biological events such as breeding seasons must be taken into account. Monsters vary from tiny Giggi in the caves and dark forests to Ludroths and even Lagiacri on the coasts.



The majority of Moga Village is built on floating pontoons. The village is attached to a very small island, which helps it stay in position. The pontoons are supported by barrels, possibly made with animal skin on a wooden frame. The houses are made of planks, and are built on the raft. 

It is currently unknown how moga village could survive even mild ocean storms, as large waves could easily destroy the fragile structure.


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