Minegarde is the planet where all monster hunter areas and villages exists. It contains a huge variety of habitats from hot jungles to freezing polar regions. Much of the planet is filled with unexplored or little-explored regions such as the Tower Ruins and the Tainted Sea.

The Moga IslandsEdit


The Moga Islands on a map.


The Deserted Island

The Moga Islands are a cluster of temperate islands in the Great Minegarde sea. They are populated by the Sea Folk and a few Wyverians that live among them. It is also populated with a diversity of wildlife from Jaggi to to powerful flying wyverns. Many of the islands are quite mountainous and make the perfect nest sites for pairs of  Rathians and Rathalos as well as their subspecies. The oceans of the area are quite shallow allowing marine life to also colonize rocky coasts like Plesioth and Lagiacrus. There are also a variety of legends among the Sea Folk about the Ceadeus and Abyssal Lagiacrus that live in a large abyssal cave not that far from the villages residance.

The Great DesertEdit

The Great Desert

The Great Desert on a map.


A Loclac Caravan carrying hunters.

Misty PeaksEdit

Misty Peaks

The Misty Peaks on a map.


The Misty Peaks

Flooded ForestEdit

Tainted SeaEdit



Frozen SeaEdit