Jaggi/Great Jaggi/Jaggia
Class: Wyvern
Order: Bird Wyvern
Family: Wingless Bird Wyvern
Genus: Raptorus
Species: Kingii
Scientific Name: Raptorus Kingii
Appearance: Small dinosaur-like monster with frills in the neck. Barbs on their tails help them to hunt prey.
Measures: Alpha male gets 831,50cm to 1261,31cm long, female about 517,8cm, young about 365,0cm
Distribution: Moga, tropical areas.
Habitat: Deserted Island, Sandy Plains, Mountain Stream.
Diet: Carnivore, main prey are Kelbi and Aptonoth.
Social Structure: Highly social animals.
Abilities: Summoning howl.
Subspecies Common Jaggi