Hunting Horn Mechanics and Workings
Author Name Mojo^3
Theory Name: Hunting Horn Mechanics
Topic: Weapon Mechanics [1]
Subject: Hunting Horn [2]

The following is my theory on how the hunting horn and its songs work.


Weapon Stat DetailsEdit

The Hunting Horn is similar to the hammer in that it is a blunt weapon and it can knock out monsters. When a hunter has this weapon out it is preferred to be carry it on their shoulders unlike the hammer which is carried hanging in front of the hunter suggesting that it is much heavier than the hammer. More evidence of this much broader movements compared to the hammer and it seems to through the weight of the hunter around more. The Hunting Horn also has a quick jab that can cut monsters tails if timed properly. 

Music Making Abilities 


As the hunter swing the weapon, it creates notes that in combination can strengthen the hunter as well as others who can hear it. If the weapon to swung in certain ways, different notes will created making different attributes. How the Hunting Horn strengthens hunters is still unknown but one theory is that it boosts the hunter moral and will making him or her stronger.

Different Kinds of Hunting Horns


There are three main types of Hunting Horns, stringed type, horn type, and drum type. As you may expect, the stringed typed works like a harp or violin in that the strings are plucked and resonate in a hollow chamber. The horn type works like a flute or trumpet and uses air to create music. The drum works like drums or bongos and by hitting a thin membrane overtop of a hollow cylinder open at the bottom and resonates the note within. A forth type is a bell but few have been made. All of the above types require an open cavity to work and must be strongly built in order not to collapse with use.

Volganos Arpa HH

The Volganos Arpa is a stringed type Hunting Horn