The Great Jaggi is a Bird Wyvern and the most known species in its genus, Raptorus. They can be found in several habitats, like the Deserted Island, Mountain Peaks or Sandy Plains.

Common Jaggi
GreatJaggi Jaggia
Class: Wyvern
Order: Bird Wyvern
Family: Wingless Bird Wyvern
Genus: Raptorus
Species: Kingii
Subspecies: Kingii
Scientific Name: Raptorus kingii kingii
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Common JaggiEdit

These are the juvenile of the Jaggi species. They're raised by Jaggia and they assist in hunting with the Great Jaggi, the leader of their team. They obey howls of the Great Jaggi by heart, and know them all by their tones.

Great JaggiEdit

The Great Jaggi is a large Bird Wyvern roughly 1/5 the size of a smallish Deviljho, or the size of a Qurupeco, roughly. They are the fully grown Jaggi. It has the ability to control a large pack of Wyverns known as Jaggi that follow the Great Jaggi much like a Velociprey pack.

These creatures have an array of howls they use to control their pack and possibly fight with other packs. Sometimes, they will summon their pack from holes in the ground or small caverns; it could be assumed these all link to the main nest.


The Great Jaggi is assumed to father all young Jaggi, with Jaggia as all of the mothers. They protect the youngsters until they can leave the pack and control one of their own, at which point they leave and find packs of their own. They may then fight and become a Great Jaggi.