• Democide

    Disclaimer: This blog doesn't only include official information but also unofficial speculations and theories. Please don't take every word for the truth. For the official information please read Banned's blog or the page of the respective monsters.

    Please read the rules on blog:Democide/New_Blog_Series: Monster_Ecological_Analysis this page] before posting comments.

    Welcome to the very first blog of this series! I'm sure your very interested in what this blog includes. I decided to dedicate the first blog to the most well-known monster in the franchise, Rathalos, and his female counterpart, Rathian plus their subspecies because of their symbolism in MH. Now, then let's begin.

    Rathalos and Rathian are part of the Flying Wyvern class with thre…

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  • PrimalRathalos

    Primal Rathalos: I am a huge fan of dragons. I am very new to monster hunter, having only played Tri. However i have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I read the wiki endlessley, it is one of my two only sources of MH knowledge. I doubt the franchise will stop appealing to me any time soon.

    I'm a bit stuck on what to write here, so i'll tell about my favourite monsters: though come to think of it, i have no idea what to choose, so i'll make a list (not including any subspecies):





    And Zinogre.

    I don't really like a specific type of monster (except for awesome looking)

    I am a user of both Longsword and Switch axe. I love the satisfaction of getting a really good hit with a switch axe, or unleashing an elemental di…

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  • Master Ceadeus 27

    I think we should start making and posting anatomical drawing of monsters, like skeletal images, muscle structures, and the like. This way, you could better get an idea of how to manage the different theories concerning their anatomy.

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  • Master Ceadeus 27

    I am a fairly knowledgeable person when it comes to insects, and I think we should start giving scientific classifications/names to MH insects, but names that tie in to real names. For instance, the Vespoid and Bnahabra species could be of the order/family Hymnoptera, as well as perhaps Altaroth (Being an ant). Just a thought.

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  • Dax the hunter
    • Theory:Jhen Mohran Colouration
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  • Guren The Walrus

    Research Center

    December 28, 2012 by Guren The Walrus

    OK, so there are several areas in Monster Hunter, as you know, but there are a lot of unknown things. So that's where this Research Center comes in.

    The Research Center is a place where you can post your findings. There will be expedition teams for each area for each game at certain times for different severs (Teams have not yet been assembled and are not functional; need volunteers for team leaders). Even some of the smallest details can help;

    For example: In Monster Hunter 3 Tri in the Deserted Island, Area 11 towards the north end of the area there is a stream of bubbles coming from the wall.

    Forest and Hills, Old Jungle, Old Desert, Old Swamp, Old Volcano, Tower, Castle Schrade

    Snowy Mountains, Jungle, Desert, Swamp, Volcano, Great Forest,…

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  • Democide


    December 23, 2012 by Democide

    There are many things unnamed in MH, like the plant that gives "Might/Adamant Seeds". This is the blog for giving them a name.

    • Might Seed Plant/Adamant Seed Plant
    • Tuber Plant (See here)
    • Several Trees in different areas

    • ---
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  • Democide

    My Theories

    December 21, 2012 by Democide
    1. Theory:Lagombi in Summer
    2. Theory:Barioth's Tornados
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  • WolfQueen

    Latin names

    December 9, 2012 by WolfQueen

    This is a blog to determine the latin names (AKA scientific name) for the different monsters and their taxonomies. Use this page to discuss the latin names of monsters. When writing a comment about a possible latin name, explain also the meaning of your name,  and why you chose it for this monster.

    This blog will be updated with the latin name of the monsters, when they're decided. So please do not post a latin name for a monster that has been already decided.

    • Dracoleo ferox ferox: Common Barioth ("Ferocious dragon lion")
    • Dracoleo ferox desertica: Barioth Subspecies ("Ferocious desert dragon lion")
    • Leosimia montisrex montisrex: Common Blangonga ("Mountain king lion monkey")
    • Leosimia montisrex…

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  • Democide

    Monster Observation Center

    December 4, 2012 by Democide

    Welcome to the Monster Observation Center!

    You found some unusual stuff like Rathian eating dung or Kushala Daora drinking? Share it with the other users here! With more and more details shown we may know the monsters even more than we already do. Everything could help, so don't be shy and post your observations.

    • Try to keep it in readable, proper English so that everyone can understand what you've observed exactly.
    • No spam, trolling and similar stuff. Comments with such content will be deleted, same with double posts.
    • You may post other observations that don't have something to do with monsters as long as they aren't about the gameplay.
    • Posts that are off-topic here will be deleted.
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  • Democide

    Admins Board

    December 3, 2012 by Democide

    This Blog is only for Rollbackers, Administrators, Bureaucrats, and Chat Moderators to discuss ideas and issues.

    Users cannot post on this board. Instead, you can post Here if you have any ideas or suggestions for the Wiki. Users who post here will be banned.


    • Democide


    • WolfQueen
    • Bass21 (temporarily)
    • Abhi09 (temporarily)


    • Dax the hunter

    Chat Moderators:

    • Blix Caliber

    Exempted from the no-post rule:

    • Staff from Community Central Wikia
    • Staff from the Monster Hunter Wikia and the Monster Hunter Fanon Wikia for important issues and ideas for improvement of this Wiki.

    Chat Mods: How to unblock a User from the Chatroom

    1. Go to Special:UserRights.
    2. Enter complete username of the User that was blocked from the chatroom.
    3. Remove the check from th…

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  • Bass21

    (Page Under Construction)

    This board is for suggestions about how to improve the wiki. 

    This board is moderated by: Bass21


    • Questions with an answer easily found in the wiki are forbidden and will be deleted.
    • No flaming/trolling against other users.
    • No posting of inappropriate content (e.g. things unrelated to the topic)
    • If there is a problem with an Article/Page, please use the "Report a problem with this page" found at the very bottom of every article to report errors found in the wiki.
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    Helpful Pages:

    • Help - Basic Editing
    • Category:Help Pages
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  • Democide

    This is a blog for those who have ecological questions about monsters or areas that they always wanted to know or cultural questions for those who want to know more about the life of villages and regions. No matter how small or insignificant your question may appear just ask. It could fuel the mind of other theorists to build up another fascinating theory.

    Please retain of asking about gameplay or hunting elements (unless they are of theoretical nature, means no "How to kill that monster?" or similar questions). Go for these questions [ >here

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